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I've ditched TickTick and here's why

I have played around with many productivity, organising and mindfulness applications over the past six months in the pursuit to find the best all-rounder solution for both personal and professional development. I unnecessarily created a surplus of duplication so I could experience the applications on a daily basis to see how accessible the applications were and how they met my needs. Cross platform synchronisation was a must. I use a mixture of Chrome OS, iOS, Android and Windows devices. The original target was to find the one app that could do it all. In China, they call them super apps. Those apps that pretty much do everything like WeChat. I wanted something that could handle my calendar, tasks, journal, notes and sketches as well as store references to email and articles. The closest I got was , which I was (and still am) a paid customer until January 2023. However, there are a variety of different bugs causing me a bit of hassle along the way. The most predominant wa

7 day challenge with an iPad 2022

After a number of YouTubers had documented their experience with using an iPad exclusively for a month I thought to myself - Could I even last a week with using an iPad exclusively? Apple appears to think so, if their 2018 ‘ What’s a computer? ’ ad is anything to go by. Apart from using a Windows laptop for work, I would be restricted to only an iPad for everyday tasks. It certainly sounds like a challenge because I have become accustomed to using my Chromebook each day and dipping into iPad territory when I needed to refine a sketch with the Apple Pencil. I would also refrain from using any gaming console or service other than what Apple has to offer. Admittedly, the challenge would be a whole lot easier with the impressive 12.9 inch iPad Air with Magic Keyboard but I don’t have that type of money. Where I can see it will be a challenge I believe the biggest challenge will be the screen size. My Chromebook boasts a Quad HD 13.5” 2256 by 1504 (3:2), LED backlight screen with 427 nits o

My first four weeks with the Bento Method app

For the past four weeks, I have been using the Bento Method app exclusively on iOS (for now). It is an application that has changed how I structure my day because it has allowed me to reflect on what needs to be focused on. I posted a video on YouTube about my five reasons why I use Bento daily. If you can't watch the video (please do), I've broken down the top five reasons below.   #1 - Ease of use The application itself is beautifully set out and simplistic. Simple is good because some apps add too many features so it becomes troublesome to use - Calm meditation and Evernote come to mind. It has the right balance to allow users to focus on what the app should be used for. As the Bento Method team mentioned, this app is not a replacement for other task management apps out there. However, what it does do is let you sit down and think carefully about what needs to be done. I spend Sunday evening setting out my initial plans for the week and sort my focused tasks out into Bento b