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Why I quit social media

It was early December 2021 and I created a new Twitter account. This time it will be different, I told myself. No more spending large amounts of time on the platform. I will discipline myself to refrain from getting sucked in. This is not what happened at all.  Discovering the digital detox In mid June 2020, around my birthday, I decided to delete my Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Instagram and Tumblr accounts. I had an epiphany - too many of my tasks I wanted to complete were not happening and my time spent each day was deep in the world of social media. Why was this happening? I started to question myself and did what any respectable person would do…search social media for answers. It was then, I realised the extent of my addiction and the discovery of digital minimalism. An average of five hours of screen time on my phone was not a good look. I think the YouTube algorithms knew I was into minimalism so why not suggest the term ‘digital minimalism’?  With a combined total of 2


  Hi, Welcome to my first blog. After numerous years of contemplating, I have finally got around to starting a blog. I currently work in the education sector and specialise in Computing. Prior to this, I have fifteen years of experience working in the IT sector, supporting software and hardware needs.  The aim of the blog is to share my interests in digital minimalism, useful tools for both professional and personal use as well as mindfulness. Having spent many years running around frantically jumping from one task to another, I wanted to find more balance to my life.  I happened to randomly stumble across a documentary movie on Netflix during a stint of pure boredom and a need for some dopamine. It was called Minimalism: A documentary about the important things ( link ). That was five years ago. The 78 minute movie directed by Matt D’Avella follows two individuals, Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who efficiently highlight the many noises in our lives and how they made change